Data transmission and digital interaction
easy – mobile – secure

Wotspot® is a system for digital, interlinked interaction and data transfer between mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) without prior need to install any software or apps. All mobile devices that connect to the system via log-in, can retrieve or exchange data directly via a browser interface.

Wotspot® encourages mobile interaction and allows optimization, automation, and digitalization of processes. Due to its ease of use, the system can be used for various applications (see below).


WOTSPOT® provides:

  • Cost savings through process optimization of on-site data exchange
  • Platform independence; applicable to all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Login without installation of software or apps
  • Exchange of large amounts of data with a high bandwidth (data rates up to 1.300 Mbit/s)
  • Online data transfer via a VPN secure connection
  • Offline data exchange in a secure network
  • Multiple users can simultaneously access information
  • Filter possibilities for information provision
  • Easy integration into existing networks, database systems, and business processes
  • By request: the possibility to store user data and profiles and to process them in a connected CRM system

Our WOTSPOT® (Wireless Open Transmission SPOT) system is based on a patent-pending method for secure, high-speed local data exchange. WOTSPOT® offers companies an innovative solution to exchange data easily and safely.

Current applications for WOTSPOT®:

Mobile & Marketing


Messe & Informationsaustausch

Exhibition, Fair & Museum


We see other possible uses in:

  • mobile marketing in the retail sector (Shop-Presentation, Product-Information, real-time offers, Coupon-Service)
  • hotspot with the filter function
  • at events
  • for museums, exhibitions and in the tourism sector (Multimedia- und Video-Streaming)
  • at local- and long-distance traffic
  • at M2M-Communication and Machine-Controlling
  • at the internet of things (IoT)

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