Challenge Digitalisation: easy – mobile – safe Our service Your benefit: WOTSPOT® is a new Wi-Fi based development that specifically lends itself to digitalization and optimization of business processes in the area of communication.

 In times of increasing digitalisation in the working world and a strong notion of environmental protection, resource-saving digital data transmission is a common goal.

 At corporate events, our WOTSPOT® system replaces printed brochures that are cost and labor intensive to produce, and require transport to the respective event venue.

WOTSPOT® relies entirely on existing equipment. The participants are invited to bring their work tablets, laptops, or smartphones. On the site, they will have the opportunity to quickly download all documents via Wi-Fi and to work on them from their own devices.

You will need:

  •         Simply the device’s own browser
  •         No apps
  •         No complicated passwords
  •         No confusing search for the information or data on existing websites

Your benefits:

  •         Easy to handle and operate without IT skills
  •         Login without app/software download
  •         Feasible with or without internet connection
  •         Upon request, linked with your website  sustainable corporate marketing
  •         Presentation and advertising films possible (data rate up to 1.300Mbit/s)
  •         System independent (Apple, Android, Windows)
  •         Powerful, latest technology

Should the event content change at short notice, the event organizer has the option to update the data immediately with just a few clicks. With WOTSPOT® you are taking a step towards the digital future of companies!

When security is an issue:

 With WOTSPOT®, on-site data exchange is made easy – whether internally, with customers, suppliers or other business partners. Nowadays, data is usually sent via e-mail, even during meetings when all parties involved are in the same room. This constitutes a considerable risk due to significant internet security issues.  Here WOTSPOT® offers crucial benefits!  Users can load the data provided by WOTSPOT® directly onto their tablet, smartphone or laptop via WOTSPOT® Wi-Fi, without connection to the internet! No prior installation of software or apps is necessary! Depending on the occasion, various different access rights can be set for passwords. In meetings, for example, data can be compiled on a USB key and then accessed by all authorized participants quickly and safely via WOTSPOT® Wi-Fi.

On request, data exchange between participants is also possible.  WOTSPOT® is a mobile plug-and-play micro server which offers ease of use, a self-contained system, and thus the highest security standards!

WOTSPOT® optimizes communication processes

  •         Easy access to locally stored data for each authorized person
  •         Compatible with all mobile terminals
  •         Plug-and-play system for mobile use
  •         Exchange of large amounts of data with high bandwidth (data rates up to 1.300Mbit/s)
  •         Simultaneous access to data by a variety of users is possible
  •         WOTSPOT® can be integrated into networks and database systems and enables filtered information provision
  •         User data and profiles can be stored and processed via a tethered CRM system
  •         System configuration without IT skills – simply switch it on WOTSPOT® offers high IT security
  •         High-speed, offline data deployment
  •         Wi-Fi protected by WPA2
  •         Access via browser without prior installation of software or apps
  •         The process meets the security requirements for data exchange according to FIPS 140-2 by the US authorities

Other operational areas for WOTSPOT®: