Condition-based maintenance:
economical – safe – reliable


Condition monitoring is based on regular or permanent recordings of the condition of component parts by measuring and analysing relevant physical values (oscillation, temperature, position/approximation etc.). An upgrade to this is Online condition monitoring (continuous condition monitoring), which enables an alarm and optional emergency shutdown from the first sign of the behavioural change of the machine/component parts, and therefore immediate analysis of the disruptive elements.

The mandatory prerequisite of “condition-based maintenance” is monitoring of component parts and machine conditions.

During scheduled maintenance methods, systems get shut down at regular intervals for component parts to be examined and exchanged. This type of preventative maintenance often leads to the replacement of intact component parts and waste of “remaining terms”, or reversely late detection of existing damage.

Our MOM Condition Monitoring Systems fulfil the requirements to create measurement data acquisition and data forwarding as well as automated measurement data processing and analysis as user-friendly as possible.

By constantly monitoring the state of components, the full lifetime of crucial parts can be utilised.  Necessary maintenance procedures can be coordinated in tune with manufacturing schedules.

Therefore, our system offers substantial potential for cost reductions in maintenance especially for constructions that are under a lot of strain, like wind power plants, or for crucial infrastructure.

Our condition monitoring system for oscillation and temperature analysis of components, used for status control includes:

  • Self-sufficient online measurement monitoring system
  • Network-database integration
  • Internal data storage, data logger, online data query
  • Real-time data via online browser interface for PC, smartphone and tablet

We look forward to applying our systems and know-how to help you and your business!

Condition Monitoring System, Bauteilschwingung

Condition Monitoring System 

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