Mobile control and evaluation of measurement data

Easy – quick – safe

We offer complete solutions for sensors, data acquisition, and online analysis.

Our WOTSPOT® system (patent pending) is the ideal solution to transmit even large amounts of data wirelessly. For both long-distance data transmission and remote control of systems, WOTSPOT® lets you access your measurement data wirelessly through our browser interface via smartphone and tablet. Depending on your specific requirements and application needs this can be achieved with or without the internet connection.

Encryption on different levels of security is possible and every interface will be customized to your requirements. Our user interface is kept simple so that even laypeople can easily use it.

Affordability of our systems is taken into account even during the very early stages of development, which ensures that WOTSPOT® applications are economical even in cases where online data retrieval used to be impossible due to a lack of internet connection.

We are looking forward to offering you customized solutions for your measurement technology needs.

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