Marketing for Physicians easy – informative – effectiveWotspot® med is a wireless network that allows doctors’ surgeries to connect with their patients, offer modern services and entertainment, and to market their services, directly from the waiting room.

Take advantage of your patients’ modern gadgets (smartphones)! We offer everything you need to market your surgery – in one system! The Wotspot® WIFI system is a comprehensive marketing tool for

  • External practice marketing
  • Internal quality management


Why shouldn’t you simply offer “free Internet”? ⇒ Open Wi-Fi means effort, cost and liability for you as a supplier, without any tangible gains.

With Wotspot® med you can take advantage of wireless services:

  • Each log in starts on your own surgery’s custom landing page and therefore automatically shares your news and benefits with patients.
  • Patients can give feedback quickly and easily, which can be used for internal quality management
  • Reviews on portals such as Jameda ⇒ improved online ranking
  • Digital marketing will increase the sales of your additional services
  • Analysis of digital trails provides new insights into patients’ interests


We offer you full service – everything from one source:

  • Installation of WOTSPOT® hardware
  • Create a custom presentation web page
  • Integration of your existing homepage
  • Simple user guide for you and your patients
  • Update your content

Your benefits

  • Your patients will appreciate the attentive service and the discreet method of communicating information
  • You convey confidence and create transparency by sharing information about your practice and specialised information
  • Use your patients’ waiting time to market your surgery
  • Patients can easily and quickly provide digital feedback on your performance. You will receive the finished report for your QM and save work for you and your employees
  • Direct connection to review portals like Jameda makes it easy for patients to rate you; your ratings will increase rapidly
  • “What interests my patients most?” You will receive an anonymous evaluation and analysis of all digital trails


Requirements and technical specifications

  • Easy to handle and operate without IT skills
  • Login without prior app/software download
  • Can be used with or without an internet connection
  • Optional connection to your website
  • Powerful and modern technology
  • System independent (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Presentation and advertising videos are possible (data rates up to 1.300Mbit/s)

Our WOTSPOT® (Open Wireless Transmission SPOT) system is based on a patent-pending method for secure, high speed, local data exchange.

Other operational areas for WOTSPOT®: