We do digital marketing!

Innovative – simple – sustainable

Smartphones are constant companions – even when shopping.

Whether it is shower gel, pasta or a PC, price comparisons on the Internet and in online shops are becoming ubiquitous.

This makes it all the more important for retailers to make use of this new development! By addressing your customers on-site via digital channels, you offer new shopping experiences and make use of all mobile marketing opportunities. WOTSPOT® offers location-based services (LBS), mobile marketing and purchase incentives through our patent-pending couponing system, and make your customers happy.

With WOTSPOT® you can:

  • Create interactive outdoor advertising for your products
  • Enhance the shopping experience of your customers
  • Take advantage of mobile marketing opportunities
  • Offer coupons, special offers, or hints to partners
  • Connect digitally with your customers
  • Strengthen the bond with your customers
  • Recognize the impact of your advertising campaigns through customer behavioral analysis and use this knowledge for future events

All of this is possible without prior installation of apps or software on devices and is platform-independent for all mobile devices.

Advantages of WOTSPOT® – our local Wi-Fi network

  • Local, high-speed provision of data – regardless of internet access
  • Exchange of large amounts of data with high bandwidth – therefore many formats can be displayed
  • Various users can simultaneously access the information
  • Platform independence, because it is applicable to all wireless-enabled devices
  • No installation of software or apps
  • User data and profiles can be stored and processed in a CRM system – simple integration into existing networks, database systems, and business processes
  • Highest safety standards: compliance with security requirements for data exchange according to FIPS 140-2 by the US authorities

Other operational areas for WOTSPOT®: