Measurement technology for status analysis of component parts

The mobile measuring systems (MOM) of GEPAmbH can be used for various industrial applications and measurement tasks.

That is why manufacturers from the automotive sector, aerospace, and engineering sectors, as well as material testing institutions, the military and security services are our customers.

Our traditional analogue measuring systems provide answers to many questions in the area of material behaviour, for example:

  • Load measurements
  • Dynamic signal analysis
  • Mechanical structure analysis
  • Static and dynamic loading tests
  • Machine vibration analysis and vibration monitoring
  • Machine dynamics evaluation
  • Control of critical rotation mechanisms
  • Optimization of chassis, suspension and attenuation

Our state-of-the-art MOM Condition-Monitoring Systems offer a stand-alone constant monitoring system for oscillation and temperature analysis.

They offer multiple application options in the long-term monitoring and status analysis of component parts that are under constant strain, for example:

  • Foundations of wind power plants
  • Bridges
  • Machines, transmissions

Products of GEPA