GEPA Analogue Measurement Systems:

reliable since 1970

Our proven products allow the operating status of components and machines to be monitored, as well as material behaviour control, for example:

  • Load measurements
  • Sensor conditioning and dynamic signal analysis
  • Mechanical structure analysis
  • Static and dynamic load testing
  • Machine vibration analysis and vibration monitoring
  • Machine dynamics evaluation
  • Control of critical rotation mechanisms
  • Optimization of chassis, suspension and damping

Renowned companies (see also: customers) have been working with our products for years:

  • BMW AG, engine test benches;
  • Daimler-Benz research;
  • ASTRIUM GmbH, space transportation;
  • Fraunhofer Institute for operational stability

Permanent condition monitoring of machines and components, as well as their structures (structural health monitoring), is based on regular measurements and analysis of meaningful, physical parameters such as occurring vibrations, temperature, position/approximation. An upgrade is continuous condition monitoring (Online Condition Monitoring). For our traditional MOM systems, we continue to offer calibration and repair services.

MOM Plug-in boards

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