Browser-based machine control without need for an app

Connect your machines via any wireless-enabled device for direct quality control during production. We integrate the Wotspot® technology into our condition monitoring systems for smooth status control of your machines. WOTSPOT® lets you digitalize and simplify your business processes.

-> easy – platform independent – safe

WOTSPOT® provides:

  • Cost savings through process optimization of on-site data exchange
  • Platform independence, applicable to all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Log-in without installation of software or apps
  • Exchange of large amounts of data with high bandwidth
  • Online data transfer via VPN secured connection
  • Offline data exchange in a secure network
  • The option to allow a variety of users simultaneous access to information
  • Filter possibilities of information provision
  • Easy integration with existing networks, database systems, and business processes
  • An option to store user data and profiles and to process these in connected CRM systems

Our WOTSPOT® (Open Wireless Transmission SPOT) system is based on a patent-pending method for secure, high-speed, local data exchange.

WOTSPOT® offers companies an innovative solution to exchange data easily and safely.

Other operational areas for WOTSPOT®: