The “RS485i” to USB converter provides a flexible solution to acquire data from GEPA GmbH Sensors and
other RS485-enabled sensors, featuring free software for visualization, logging and sensor parameterization.
Due to the intelligent interface, direct logging to USB sticks and hard drives is possible using the innovative
one-click installation-free data logging solution.
• High-performance high-speed USB to RS485 adapter
• Up to 6 MBit/s symbol rate
• Low power consumption
• Intelligent, customizable firmware:
Format conversion
Intelligent flow control
Threshold monitoring
• Plug & Play functionality with GEPA MOM sensors
• Multiple adapters are identifiable via individual serial numbers
• Free software available
• Sensor reset functionality
• Up to 1200 m cable length
< Visualization, logging or parametrization of “3D ACC” Sensors by “RS485i” converter on your laptop >